Welcome to the newest brand child of Sankofic Journey. 

Sankofic Education is the new home of all of Sankofic Journey's workshops such as The Inclusive Family Workshop Series & future educational programs, workshops and in December 2021 an online Black History Jr. University.

Our Mission

Sankofic Education's mission it to create change on a individual, group, community and worldwide level through creating customized programs that encompasses niche and often sensitive topics that we deal with in todays society. We believe that in order to be the most effect we must construct safe spaces for open and honest discussion and breaking down the components that hinder us from being humane to others based on trivial things such as the color of ones skin.   

Current Programs

Üyelik Tipini Seçerek Kayıt Olun

The Inclusive Family Workshop Series

The Inclusive Family - workshop series is a hands-on workshop for non-African American care givers of Black children in order to build bridges and foundations of love and support to families of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.We are a group of parents, historians and educators. Our purpose and goal is to give non-black caregivers of black children a deeper understanding into the child’s culture, mannerism and hair and skin care.

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Mother's Tongue Language Class

One of our newest program to give Africans in the diaspora to retain something taken as a result of the transatlantic slave trade, the mother's tongue or ability to speak an African language. This course gives you the opportunity to learn in addition to uplifting and supporting women on the African continent. Meet Khadija your Swahili teacher for the Fall Secession. This course will be start in December 2020 via online.    

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