Kukutana (meet) Khadija

 Mwalimu (The Teacher)

Due to the Trans-Atlantic
slave trade those taken from African continent to build the “New World” lost
their Mother’s Tongue (ancestral languages). Sankofic Education has partnered
with Khadija and others in Kenya who will not only help you learn how to speak
Swahili, but will also teach you how to read it. In the first course of the
Mother’s Tongue language course participants will have basic understanding of
the language through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Participants
will learn greetings, common phrases, and expressions; among other aspects of
the language. Mother’s Tongue Language program is specially designed to expose
students to the culture and history of the Swahili language and the people
through cultural activities. Also, students will learn through a native speaker
in live weekly sessions.

Mother’s Tongue Language Program will be a combination of live and online
assignments using a variety of mediums. Our program will have limited capacity to
ensure the class is of the highest quality and to tend to every participant in
a timely manner.

Who this course is for:
Beginners learning Swahili language.
The African diaspora.
People who plan on traveling to Eastern Africa.

What you'll learn
How to read, speak and write basic Swahili.
Bonus classes will include some Swahili expressions.

Be able to read , write and understand English.
Show up and do the work.

Beginner Course set to begin December 2020
Early- Bird Subscription Special will be available soon.